WOW WOW WOW how is this open source just amazing

(david) #1

I just stumbled upon this when my work asked me to make the app work offline and not reliant on api only api when having wifi access I was dreading it until I stumbled across the realm and one of James old channel 9 videos with Adam i cannot believe that this is open source like.

Quesiton how does one view the database on the phone they mentioend something about a browser to be able to see on the phone but can you see that while u do that.

Also is their a way to use syncing with sql server

(Kenneth Geisshirt) #2

Browsing the database is easy using Realm Studio but that requires that you transfer the database to your computer first. Most apps open the database with a schema but it is possible to open the database without schema and introspect it (doing so is for most Realm SDKs slower than the case where you provide the schema).