Why isn't Realm Studio open source?


I’m a developer who is making an app on React Native, and I’m currently using Realm for my databases.
I’ve gotten Realm Studio for managing .realm files (which are a hassle to make from in the first place), and I’ve noticed that some very useful functionality is missing, like making new .realm files from scratch and importing/exporting from XML and excel.
It seems like Realm Studio could be a great resource for developers, but the Realm developers are busy working on more important or complex tools, and I’ve seen plenty of requests across the internet for new, helpful functions that the Realm team doesn’t have time for…

If this is the case, why isn’t Realm Studio open-source like their other products are? I wouldn’t mind spending some time to improve the software, and I’m sure others would like to pitch in too.


Hi Andy - it would be lovely if you would like to help out!
We will open source it very soon!


Hey @Andy - We have now open sourced realm-studio, so feel free to check it out!
We will groom the backlog a bit for others to make more sense of it, but other than that we would surely appreciate help to move on some of the issues if you would like to help out?



Oooh nice — I’ve already starred it on Github! It’s in Typescript though - I’ll have to learn that before I contribute. Nonetheless, this is a great step towards a better Realm Studio.
Thanks again.