Which processes to monitor for sync



We have a user with 10 Windows 10 PCs on a LAN in one shop and another 10 in another shop. All machines in each shop login to our app as one user; so they have 2 full-sync realms, one for each shop.

These machines have been purchased specifically to run our UWP app. They were supplied and installed by an IT specialist who says all machines have identical configuration.

Each machine is correctly logged into our app yet in both sites some machines sync and some don’t. Our app is run in hundreds of businesses around the globe, often with multiple PCs on a LAN, without sync issues.

The IT specialist has asked us which processes to monitor for sync so they can check network and firewall.

Can anyone advise which processes to monitor for sync?

(Nikola Irinchev) #2

The sync worker is a background thread that runs in your app’s process - it’s not a separate process, so they should monitor the app itself. Is there any more information you can share about the non-syncing machines? E.g. can they ping/open the cloud instance url? Also, if you run fiddler, do you see traffic from the app? I would expect at least a login request + http upgrade request to be visible in fiddler (I don’t think it could monitor websocket traffic which is what sync uses).


Thanks @nirinchev. The app must be able to see the cloud instance as they login successfully on all machines; the app returns an error to the user if login fails. That’s why I asked specifically about sync. But as sync happens within the same process then I’m at a loss.


It seems that where a site has a wifi modem-router and a wifi booster, if the PC can see both the router and the booster the PC can switch back and forth between the router and the booster and sync can fail.

We have resolved this at one site by telling the user to turn off the wifi booster, or move the PC.

Is this a known issue with Realm sync?