Which applications use Realm database with encryption?

hello realm guys
i have been studying about realm deeply now.
i.e encryption process and develop application
but i wonder which application use realm database with encryption.
if you know something plz tell me. not for company’s name by the way
thx :slight_smile:

Hi @qjcjf123,

Your question isn’t entirely clear: are you asking about “applications” in terms of use cases or mobile applications?

The use case for encryption is to protect sensitive data at rest (for example, if someone gets access to an unencrypted backup of your mobile data). Once a Realm file has been created with an encryption key, that key will be required every time that file is subsequently opened. The encryption key also needs to be stored securely (eg saved to the system security keychain).

For examples of companies using Realm see: https://realm.io/customers.