What to do if synchronisation stuck?

I noticed one problem during development (Xamarin.Forms). Sometimes on simulator and real devices (Android and iOS) synchronization stuck. I’m not sure the reason but I believe it happened after application is stopped suddenly because of any exception or other forced break. Anyway when it stuck it never starts again. Application seems to works normal and SubscriptionState is Complete but nothing is synchronized with cloud.

Only solution is to delete app from device, so everything is removed, than after fresh install it works again.

Could you advise me any better way without losing not synchronized yet data?

Do you think you can reproduce the problem in a small project? There’s no known cause for such behavior.

Hmmm… it would be hard to reproduce because it happens randomly, but it happened already for me many times, usually after forcing app to quit during synchronisation. If it can help, I can send to you Android emulator snapshot with this problem.