Very high storage usage on Realm Cloud


I haven’t gone into production yet with Realm Cloud. In the testing phase I have had 2 users, each with a local Realm file size of about 2 MB, yet the Realm Cloud invoice says I have used 1.6GB of data. How can this be possible? Anyone else seeing an extremely high storage usage in their invoices?

Now, I don’t think the test usage is the same as the typical usage as I am testing the conversion from local to cloud over and over again, but still, the high storage usage gets me worried about costs and how the product scales


Hi @Sipe, sorry about that - these invoice notes were reflecting the wrong storage calculation - they reflected the total storage on disk that Realm files take (including logs and metadata), rather than just the size of your data (which is what you’re billed for). We’re working on several parallel tasks related to this and I’d like to outline them for you:

  1. We’ll make sure to remove the invoice notes as they’re more confusing than helpful.
  2. We’re in the process of deploying some changes that will reduce the amount of storage metadata and log files take.
  3. We’re developing a more comprehensive storage monitoring solution, where you’ll be able to see how much data is stored in each individual Realm, as well as the total data consumed by your account.

We’ll roll them out (in that order) in the upcoming weeks. In the meantime though, I would like to reiterate that we’re billing just on data stored (so in your case - 2MB), and not any auxiliary information that we store to run your service. Hope this helps and if you have further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.


Awesome @nirinchev. Exactly what I wanted to hear;) Thank you!