Using same realm db in react native and native ios


HI everryone, i currently doing project in React Native using realm DB.
This project required to read data from table then upload it from background…
Here is the issue, i cannot read react native realm db from native ios (obj c). There is any example like this issue?
Or there is any solution how i can get the data then i can process it from native iOS…
Thanks in advanced.

I try import library realm.framework, but duplicate with librealmreact.a
Here is the screenshot



Hello, has the problem been solved? What’s the reason? So, could reactnative and native ios share realm db? thanks


We were able to accomplish something like this in our project.
The same default Realm we initially create from JS, is visible by Obj C.
We implemented the native code as a React Native NativeModule. The schemas are first declared in JS. Then the native module is called and when RLMRealm is instantiated it defaults to the same (local) Realm as the RN app that invoked it.