Using Realm functions on Realm Cloud


I’m looking to use Realm functions within my Realm cloud account to add some server side functionality and logic to my app. Ideally we have some event handlers which watched a realm, and then initiated some Javascript code.

I have been searching the docs and can’t seem to find a definitive answer, however I cannot see it when I open my Realm Studio instance for my cloud account.

Could somebody shed some light if this setup is possible please?

Here is a screenshot of the Realm function GUI in question:


It seems that it existed for ROS 2.0 but I can’t seem to find anything similar for ROS 3.x (Realm Cloud). no longer exists. says you have to run your own Node script somewhere and register listeners for ROS and cannot execute the functions within the ROS anymore.

Surprising, to be honest, as I had heard Realm Functions were an easy way for Backendless application logic, but I guess that was silently removed in favor of… something else.


And the silence shows that yes, Realm Functions are dead :expressionless:


@zhuinden Unfortunately, yes but they are still on our roadmap to add back at a later time. Probably based on some sort of kubernetes serverless functionality