Using Braintree with Realm Cloud?

I want to collect payments on my app with Braintree. I’m using Realm Cloud, will I be able to set up my server to manage the payment nonce?


@tuzmusic The cloud instance does not run any user defined code - you would need to run a standalone node.js or .net app using a realm sdk that would act as a bridge between Braintree and Realm.

The flow would be Braintree <> Node.js app With Realm-js SDK <> ROS <> Realm Mobile Client

See here

Thanks Ian. We’re now starting to get outside my expertise, though I’m ready to go there. Where is that app hosted? Would it make more sense to go back to hosting my Realm on AWS and just do the server stuff there?

@tuzmusic You would need to build a node.js app that you would run on say an AWS EC2 instance. This would connect to ROS Cloud and get a nonce for Braintree