Use GraphQL client with a global/shared realm, i.e., no "/~/" in realm path



I have been fighting with getting data from a global/shared realm, i.e., no /~/ in the realm path with no luck. I always get a 502 Bad Gateway in response. If I add the /~/ to the realm path, connection is established and a new and empty user-specific realm is created (as expected).

Does the GraphQL Service provided by Realm Cloud support connecting to global/shared realms? I’ve skimmed over the source for both the server and client and did not see any specific reason why global/shared would not be supported.

I also tried passing isQueryBasedSync which results in a connection and successfully executed query, but the query responses are always empty


Hi, can you send me a private message with your cloud instance and I can take a look. Getting a 502 in the GraphQL service usually means you were trying to open a very large Realm that runs into some resourcing limits. When I have your cloud instance url, I can verify if that’s the case and provision it with more resources.


Just saw that you responded. Sent you a direct message with the requested details.

Empty Result for query with GraphQL

Hi @nirinchev - I am experiencing a similar issue - it only happens on one (the oldest) realm on my Cloud instance. Can you take a look on this as well? Also, is there any way I can check the realm size? In Realm Studio it’s no longer showing me despite having the button “recalculate size” (I am on 3.5)


Please open a ticket on and share the instance name and relevant timeframes and someone will take a look.