Using the swift 3.6 api using Realm Cloud, should the following code do anything?

if let authURL = self.realmAuthenticationURL {
            SyncUser.requestEmailConfirmation(forAuthServer: authURL, userEmail: toEmail, completion: { (error) in
                if let error = error {

The method is called and I don’t receive and error, but neither do I receive another conformation email, which is what I would expect this method to cause to happen.


@robowen5mac Did you ever receive an email? If you call it multiple times we do throttle it

If it is not working at all please open a ticket here with code, repro steps, and your account information:


Thanks for the reply. I receive the initial email when I register a new account, but any attempts to send an email manually does not seem to work. I will do a bit more trouble shooting and then post something as you describe.