Sync multiple offline realms in LAN


I’m interested in using Realm sync within my company (probably Mongodb Realms, when it’s released), for a new app we’re developing.

The clients will usually be online and data should be synchronised across all devices (pretty standard).
I would like to know if this is possible:

If there are Internet connectivity problems, can devices on the same private local network sync with each other?

Would I need to run a server-style Realm on a local server on the network, that the clients sync with, and then sync this realm with the remote Realm when there is an Internet connection?

Hopefully I’ve described the use case sufficiently for you.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Dan,

Realm Sync currently only supports syncing between clients and the Realm Cloud. Peer-to-peer is not a supported (or planned) option at the moment. You could raise this as a feature suggestion in the Realm category on the new MongoDB Feedback site.

For more information on usage see Realm Sync - A Primer.

There is also a related thread from Dec 2019: Is peer 2 peer possible when offline?.