Standalone Realm Node.js


The last time I checked, the only way to use Realm with Node.js was to use it with the enterprise/professional edition of the Realm Object Server. With the advent of Realm Cloud, has that changed? Now that you have a revenue model in place, has access to Node.js Realm changed?

I want to be able to use a Realm database as a data store for a web app without connecting to Realm Cloud. I’m hoping Realm can become a true SQLite replacement with adapters for various web-based languages. :slight_smile:


@cliftonlabrum, you should have always been able to do this. It was the sync APIs that were initially locked as long as you don’t reference these you should not have an issue.


You could do that ever since Linux / Windows support was announced, I think about a year ago?

See it works on probably Windows 8.1 and above