SSL pinning on iOS Certificates



How can we on iOS ( Swift) define the root CA to use for SSL Validation. On Android ( we can define the path of the trustedRootCA

What is the equivalent on iOS ?



This is not related to Realm, but here you can find 2 articles about certification pinning, we implemented based on this.



thanks @freeubi for the great links.

The problem is that we can’t access the to the SessionManager(if they use ALAMOFIRE) or NSURLSession used by Reaml . Or was you able to do that ?




We don’t use realm cloud, thats why I wrote that this question is not related to Realm.
On the second thought, we should cert pinned that too, but thats not necessary need to implement on our side.

  • we are unsure that all the cloud clusters have the same certificate and you don’t know when will they move to an another. This can break a
  • we don’t really have access on the inner communication, so i think it should be implemented by the real guys.