.sorted returns negative values on top on release builds

Sorting with .sorted works perfectly when the values are positive. Even everything works perfectly on my simulators. I am getting this error on my release builds that the negative values are coming on top. Will wait for your response on the same.

ex : from 22,10, 21, 5, -1, 6 return is like : -1, 22, 21,10, 6, 5

What version of Realm JS are you using and what is the type of the property you’re sorting on? A bug related to sorting of doubles and floats was fixed with Realm JS 3.6.2. If you’re not using the latest version of Realm JS, please try upgrading.

Currently, I am using “realm”: “^3.6.0” & property type is “float?”. I had an issue with the latest version thats y I didn’t updated it, Will try again and update you after upgrading.