setState doesn't update UI when called inside listener callback


Hi guys, I have a problem with realm-js.

I posted a question on StackOverflow, but even if I added a bounty ( for what is worth :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:) I haven’t received any answers. After some days of testing, I ended up thinking that the problem might be related to realm.

Briefly, the problem is that setState() called in a listener callback doesn’t update the UI properly. In fact, after setState, the render method run well and the data is up to date but the ui (DOM?) is not updated until I do something else (running an animation, tap on the screen )

If I debug js remotely, the problem disappears (can’t say why)

Here the stackOverflown question:

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After more than 10 days I still can’t use a core feature. My code doesn’t seem to have issues…

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Still got the problem. I wrote to support @eric.mossman.

I sent a video of the problem on a real device and the source code of my app.

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Any updates? @kneth @ianward @eric.mossman