Select multiple rows

I have the newest Realm Studio 3.8.2 and cannot select multiple rows - objects to delete them. Acording the GitHub issue it should be fixed in Realm Studio v1.20.0, but I cannot really find how to select more then one object.

Also, I cannot find any doc to Realm Studio. The functionality is simple, well, it does not need docs. But for such problems, like I have I would like to know if it’s a bug or I just miss something.

Also some usability hint. Some functionalities are on a context menu only. E.g. to create a class there’s a button + right of Classes - it’s good! But to create/delete object, I have to use context menu - right click. First of all, that’s not consistent behaviour. Second, the context menu should be just a shortcut, all functions in context menu should be available by other, more transparent way, too, e.g. by buttons or main menu. Shortly - the app has to be usable without context menu as well.

Hi @xmedeko.

I’ve just tried selecting multiple objects using 3.8.2 and I it work for me.


I either:

  1. Left-click a row, hold down shift and left-click a different row to select a range.
  2. Left-click and drag selecting to select a range.

The documentation for Realm Studio is available here I can see that it might be a bit too high-level for your need. Perhaps we should include a tips-n-tricks section for the Realm Studio browser?

To create an object of a specific class, there’s a button in the upper right corner.

Deleting an object is always in the context of a selected object or range of objects. We could have a button appear (next to the create button) when one or more objects are selected. But I don’t like the flickering UI (buttons appearing elsewhere when clicking a row in the table). Perhaps the delete button could be disabled until an object gets selected, but that would also take up screen real-estate for a feature which is only rarely used. Does one of these suggestions sound better than the other to you? Perhaps you have an alternative idea on where to position a “delete object” button?

I have been trying Ctrl+click and that’s does not work. Yes, you are right, Shift+click work and that does the job form me, thanks. Do you know Ctrl+click? That’s kind of standard for selecting non-continuous multiple rows. You should add it to the studio, too.

If you go in Studio Help -> Learn more, it directs me to then I switch tab to the Realm Studio, and i see only downloads there. On the same page is the left column with Realm Platform - Documentation. I would not expect to find the Studio doc there, under the “platform”. You offer 3 main products - Database, Platform, Studio. They should have separate sections in your doc. Furthermore, Help link in Studio should point to Studio doc directly, not to some page 2 click away from the real doc.

Yes, there’s a "Create " button right of the search. It’s not a good place to make data manipulation button just next to search. Just make a small “toolbar” bellow the search input (and above the table) with all actions: create object, select all, delete object, create property, … And yes, the actions should disabled when they cannot be used, e.g. delete button should be disabled when no row is selected.