Role of email confirmation


I am curious as to the role the email confirmation plays. As far as I can tell the user is still able to sync data to and from the realm platform, even if their email is not confirmed. Ideally I would like to make sure my user is actually verified before allowing them to use the application (similar to how email verifications typically work), but I don’t see any way to check for this in the Swift API. I see how the data shows up in Realm Studio, but having access to it via the API would be useful.

Since it does not appear that the email confirmation does much (expect maybe related to resetting passwords), I wanted to ask if this feature was one that was still being worked on or if it only had limited utility by design.


I was able to figure out that the data I wanted is accessible as below:

user.retrieveInfo(forUser: userName, identityProvider: .usernamePassword, completion: { (userInfo, error) in
                        if let userInfo = userInfo {
                        if let error = error {

The returned userInfo.metatdata object contains if the user has been validated via email.
The important bit I was missing is that originally I was trying to pass the user.identity to the forUser parameter, but it needs to be the user name (in this case the email address) used when the user registered.