RLMException: Object has been deleted or invalidated


Hi. Randomly I’m getting the exception while the object is accessed in various places. Crashes are usually in the “makeBoxedGetter” when I’m accessing the object’s properties or in the [RLMResults indexOfObject:] when I’m accessing modified objects in the notification’s block.

What can I fo to improve the stability in these cases?


The first question is; are you trying to access an object that’s been deleted? If so, how and why is that happening? Do you have a short code example so we can see what makeBoxedGetter is doing?


I don’t know if it’s deleted or just modified (it might be both), the exception happens on prod in less than 1% sessions. “makeBoxedGetter” - is the RLM getter in the RLMObject_Private.hpp, so basically it happens on [Object getProperty].

Objects are updated in background, so it might be deleted.