Realm with 16k of rows


I have an app with SharkORM but i’m having trouble with it.
I have 5 tables:

  • A table has 20 elements
  • B table has 700 elements
  • C/D/E table has 5k elements.

I’m using SharkORM because i’m doing a complex query to join B with C or/and D or/and E to show some column and calculate the avg on some other columns and ordered by other properties.
To do this, Core Data was not the best solution because of predicates.

Now i’m thinking to switch to Realm because I’ve read a lot of good stuff on it but i’m not sure how to do this complex query with realm. With SharkORM I can do this query on the db to hava result, with CoreData i’ve to extract value ordered by stuff and then start calculate all. But it’s too much expensive for me.

With SharkORM all is good but… iphone 5, 5C and iPad 4 crash because Shark release memory too faster than my view is loaded. I know that these devices are really old but I’m trying to not cut off these users.

Do you think Realm can help me?