Realm Support Still Down after 3 days

#1 returns Error Code: INET_E_REDIRECT_FAILED

UPDATE It now says
Support portal has been blocked.
Due to high volume of page requests, we have blocked your IP address.
Questions? Contact [email protected]

Page Not Found - IP Blocked

Things seems fine now?


No it’s still down I’m afraid


Realm support is still down. Is this getting any attention at all?


Yes - there were issues with our portal provider (Freshdesk), but they should have been resolved by now. What error are you getting?


Still not there. Go to and click Create a support ticket.


After 3 days Realm support is still down. Go to Click Create support ticket.
Error: Too many redirects.

Why do Realm staff not look to see for themselves?

Our company also uses Freshdesk. Freshdesk is working flawlessly for us. If Freshdesk were to go down it would be a crisis for our users.


You can use temporarily while we work with the freshdesk team to resolve that.