Realm Studio: Connection closed due to error


One of my realms isn’t accessible anymore though the Studio and the app. In the Studio, the state indicator right to the realm version is gone to a yellow circle.

I don’t see any specific entries in the Log tab, besides these:

sync-client: Connection[1]: Connection closed due to error
level: "info"
timestamp: "2019-12-06T15:20:42.449Z"

and some of these:

Unable to connect to a Realm (path: /__admin). Message: Connection reset by peer, category: realm.basic_system, code: 104, name: Error. This is likely a transient connectivity error and the server will recover automatically.

This goes now for about half an hour…

How can I fix this? Other realms seem to work fine.

How would this be handled if I where in production with this realm?