Realm .Net with WPF Binding


I am trying to use Realm with a WPF application and pretty much everything is working fine except I have not figured out how to handle data binding to the Realm objects from a WPF XAML document so that two way updates are done within a Write() transaction. Currently I am creating a transaction when the form loads but the database update only occurs when the form is closed and I want to trigger a commit when each field (property) gets changed. Is there some straightforward way of achieving this - perhaps like the Swift method of overriding the setter to wrap the field level update in a write transaction? I guess I could create similar additional properties for the Realm objects to achieve the same thing except I would have to do it or every property on the object.


There’s no super straightforward way to do that. We support it for Xamarin.Forms projects and support for WPF is on the roadmap, but we haven’t gotten around to implement it. I guess the easiest way to workaround this would be to create a Fody weaver that would generate the duplicate properties with the transaction opening logic.

Feel free to upvote the Github issue as we use those as a general guidance on customer interest.


OK, thanks - not familiar with Fody but for now I’ll just create wrappers.