Realm - List of possible error codes


In Realm Object Server sample codes, following can be found:

throw new deps.problem.HttpProblem.Unauthorized({
detail: Something bad happened: ${err.toString()},

Here, like deps.problem.HttpProblem.Unauthorized there may be other defined errors that can be used. However, I could no where find such list or details in any docs or references.

Can anyone help me in here to get such list or errors?


We haven’t really got around and documented them. But you can find the elsewhere.


When I use the above mentioned code, I get following error:

error: Internal server error: ReferenceError: deps is not defined

Can you point me how can I reference deps? I could not find it in realm-object-server.


@meetakshay99 You can find them all in code at this path: realm-object-server/node_modules/realm-object-server-developer/node_modules/ros-problem/dist/http_problem.js and the other *_problem.js files in that dir.

The exact path may vary depending on the way you installed ROS.