Realm js addListener notification is empty

Hi, we are plying with Realm JS and Electron with the experimental branch 3.0.0-node12.1 and have hit the important bug #927 addListener notification is empty and also serious bug #1597.
That is, after a write the listener is not notified with proper changes, a next write has to be issued to get the first write changes. I see no progress in #927 addListener notification is empty so would like to know if the bug is fixed in a stable version or do you plan to fix it?

The 3.0.0-node12.1 was an experimental release, and please don’t use it. We are working on proper Node 12 support but for the time being, please use Node 8 or 10.

@kneth I am asking, if #927 does exist in the stable version? I’ve done a small test found the bug in Node 10 and realm-js 3.5.0. Do you plan to fix this bug? I know there’s an workaround, but it’s not convenient to put it after each write.
Also, realm-js can issue such write-workaround after each by itself.