Realm in the Browser for PWA's and offline use


Are there any plans to implement Realm in the Browser using IndexedDB as the database?

There is a real need for folks like me developing Progressive Web Apps who need comprehensive off-line database capabilities with eventual sync to the server when back online.

Other than CouchDB/PouchDB, which isn’t something I want to use, there is no other option that I’m aware off.

Further it would seem Realm would be a very good fit for this. I am well aware of the difficulties using IndexedDB, however that is the only cross platform / cross Browser database we have.


@nevf Great suggestion and it is something that would make a lot of sense. It is something on our radar but not something we have started building yet


@ianward Thanks for the prompt reply. I’m really pleased to hear this is on your radar. It seems clear to me that PWA’s will grow quite quickly and hopefully replace a lot of native mobile apps.

Without putting you on the spot, would you have any idea whether we may see this in 2017?


@ianward I feel disappointed on missing support in the Browser.
Your last reply at a year ago, any progress or having beta version for evaluate?


@mercus.chan.vp We have Browser integration with our GraphQL package here:

This allows easy integration via from web for ROS when the web app is online. Unfortunately, Realm does not ship as part of Chrome, IE, Safari - so we cannot give you offline access to the data in a web browser via Realm APIs.


Thanks for sharing. When it comes to PWA, you guys should check this out