Realm IceCream framework with iOS 13.x

Hey All,

I am in the process of implementing the IceCream framework to sync a Realm database with CloudKit but I can’t seem to get it to work correctly with the current version of iOS.

Actually the objects sync to CloudKit just fine. The problem is deleting.

Selecting delete from a tableView does not show the row as deleted from the tableView until the app quits and is swiped away. When it reopens, the row is deleted.

In addition, the object stays in iCloud browser but does show it has been deleted.

Anyone have any experience with the IceCream framework and can share some guidance?


Hi All,

I have been unable to find a solution for the IceCream framework deleting the row in a tableView with iOS 13.x and have not tried prior versions of Xcode.

As a workaround, I employ two methods after setting the isDeleted flag: first, the removeAll() method to erase the text to be deleted in the tableView row and second, with the append() method to replace the deleted text with a message that the row will be deleted automatically when the app reloads next time.

I will keep searching around.