Realm GraphQL client subscription receives complete results list for 1 modification


Using the realm-graphql-client, how is it possible to receive more granular info regarding changes to a results list, instead of receiving the entire list again?

(i.e. If I have a subscription to an array on ROS and a new item is added to this array on the ROS - I just want the new item info to the client, not the entire array again)

Having trouble finding this use case in GraphQL documentation or Apollo. But it works in the Realm JavaScript:

Collection notifications contain information that describe what changes have occurred at a fine-grained level. This consists of the indices of objects that have been inserted, deleted, or modified since the last notification. Collection notifications are delivered asynchronously: first with the initial results, and then after any write transaction which modifies any of the objects in the collection, deletes objects from the collection, or adds new objects to the collection.

Is this functionality available with realm-graphql-client?



Hello, just following up on this request. I need to know whether it is possible to subscribe to changes in a long list when a new item is added to the list. There is a large initial download of the object, followed by tiny incremental changes.

Can realm-graphql-client do it?


Following up again one more time before the weekend. Please see above and offer any assistance you can - It’s greatly appreciated when you do!