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Recently, I’ve started to pick up Flutter. In a few words, this is a new cross platform framework for Android and iOS, created by Google engineers, still in a very early phase. When I started looking around for database solutions, even the most simple ones are a pain to use, and that is when I realized what is missing: Realm :slight_smile:

While I understand that this is something that is probably not going to happen any time soon, my question still remains: is there any plan to provide any kind of solution for Flutter?

Alternatively, if there is no plan for now, I would like to “request” one. :slight_smile:

ps: I had to choose a category, “Realm Java” seemed to fit the best.


Looks like we would need to add a binding for the Dart programming language which is not currently on our roadmap. If we start to see an uptick of apps being developed in Dart we will be sure to reconsider.


It would work best with native Dart support, that’s for sure. Though, for a first iteration, using platform channels might allow to reuse a lot of the platform integrations.

This might have a few drawbacks, for example, the real time aspect of Realm might be tricky to implement this way. Either way, I will try to play around with it, and see what comes out of it.

Thanks for considering!

EDIT: I just saw that this years Google IO will dedicate at least one session to, maybe it will start to be pushed to a wider audience.


Have there been any new developments on this? Now that Flutter is in Beta it is quickly getting used by tons of developers. I have been using flutter and really love it but it is definitely missing realm.


@AppleEducate It is not on our roadmap right now


@ianward Ok. If something changes I would be great to use. I love using Realm on Android and iOS and has made persistent storage a lot better and easier.
Flutter and Dart is being used on Google Fuchsia and could be a big deal for Android and ChromeOS


adding support for flutter would be great

maybe developer will come if there is any support for that i guess…


@ianward Have you started? Or there is still no need to implement Realm for Flutter?


We need them to have first-class C++ support for modules before we can do anything. We are blocked by:


need realm bro. Flutter is getting popular now


Flutter hits 1.0. It is an awesome cross platform UI framework. But missing the crucial database part. We would love to see Realm as a first class Flutter citizen since Realm is also cross platform in nature and would be a perfect fit for Flutter. This will really be a game changer. Looking forward!!