Realm Cloud seems to arbitrarily revoke tokens

My realm Cloud log is slowly adding entries about revoked tokens. And my (Android?) users are complaining about data not being updated. I’m preparing a code-around to reconnect when a revoked token error is raised, but I fear I’m treating a symptom.

Why am I getting tokens revoked? I’m not logging out or disconnection from realm. It just seems to loose connections. And it has been increasing in frequency. Probably after 4.1 and the matching Realm Cloud server update.

I’ve raised this issue on private support (since this is actually a production system) but support seems unresponsive.

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I’ve got more users/customer reports this morning. Their app instances lost connectivity Aug 23.

I’ve been communicating with Karl Denby about this for a week in a private ticket. Now he has gone silent.

If Realm has low resources for doing support, then please postpones releases that wreck havoc on production systems until they do. I must insist.