Realm Cloud Backup service as part of the package


im a paid Realm Cloud client.
My app is up and running in production.

What is the backup provided inside my Cloud Package ?
What does this backup include? can I restore a whole instance? can I restore it to a certain time if needed?
How frequent do you make the backup ?

Thank you


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@yuvalkro The backups we do are part of our resiliency and redundancy internal to our Cloud. We do not expose them to the developers but could perhaps do this in the future

There is a continuous backup provided as part of the our single instance failure redundancy so we can have automatic failover. Our snapshot backups are taken on a daily basis and are for our disaster recovery contingency plan.

Hi Ian,

Thank you for the answer.
Actually I dont want to be exposed to this.
As far as I concern as a customer this should be transparent to me and part of the cloud package under your responsibility.
So if I understand correct the backup occur on a daily basis ? which means that if you had a failover at noon and you backup at midnight then the data which came in between midnight and noon will be lost ?

@yuvalkro The only way this would happen is if Amazons AWS EBS volumes failed - the snapshot backups are a contingency plan against this failure scenario - it is more for DR and catastrophic failures.

I would just like to chime in and wish for a developer exposed backup on realm cloud. I would be willing to pay extra for the this feature.

Iā€™m running a small production setup that are growing in terms of customers and data, so the need for a reliable built-in backup and restore is mounting.