Realm Cant Connect

Hello, I am using realm cloud in production, syncing data between a Postgres DB and Realm, I have had the service running without issue for a few weeks but am now getting the URGENT issue:

{"type":"","title":"The requested service is temp$
Connection[5]: Connection closed due to error
Connection[7]: Connected to endpoint '' (from '')
Connection[7]: Verifying server SSL certificate using 155 root certificates
ERROR: Connection[7]: Websocket: Expected HTTP response 101 Switching Protocols, but received:
HTTP/1.1 503 Service Unavailable
Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *
Connection: keep-alive
Content-Length: 163
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8
Date: Wed, 18 Dec 2019 20:05:45 GMT
ETag: W/"a3-rTk0VRApT9JjCEic5u7MEh0oBX4"
Set-Cookie: INGRESSCOOKIE=4920247b32dc38de4527ce0268a35383;; Path=$
X-Powered-By: Express

Where my Amazon RDS instance which is running the Postgres sync is not able to connect to realm to make the updates.

I have tried resetting etc, could you clear the cache in my Realm Cloud?

kind regards

Hi Pat,
The Forums are community based, so I suggest you contact support if it’s an operational issue - see