Realm and MongoDB: FAQs




Q: Why is MongoDB buying Realm?
As of April 24, MongoDB announced it has acquired Realm. This is a win-win situation for both MongoDB and Realm. This acquisition will ensure that Realm has the resources we need in order to strengthen and grow our product, and carry out the vision of what it can become.
Simultaneously, the technology will help to strengthen MongoDB’s mobile and serverless offerings.

Q: The benefit of Realm is that it could run on any device, through any cloud, and synchronize with any database. Is this going to change now that Realm is owned and operated by MongoDB?
Part of MongoDB’s DNA includes allowing developers to put their data wherever they want it and giving them the freedom to run it anywhere. While we haven’t yet discussed the exact roadmap, we feel confident that these core fundamentals of MongoDB’s align well with
our own and we now will be able to strengthen and grow the product without the overhead of monetization weighing us down.

Q. Public materials state the acquisition will close in Q2. Isn’t it already Q2?
MongoDB operates on a fiscal year cycle that begins February 1 and closes January 31. They are currently in fiscal year 2020 (FY20) and Q2 begins on May 1.

Q. Will MongoDB continue to support the Realm Mobile Database?
Yes. This is positive news as it means Realm will now have even more resources to strengthen and grow the Realm database.The Realm database will continue to be licensed under the Apache License, version 2.0

Q. Will MongoDB continue to support Realm Platform?
There will be no immediate change. The same support and sales contacts as well as pricing will stay in place for now. Our engineering teams will be evaluating database and product integration. Expect an update in the coming months.

Q: Will my Realm Cloud experience change?
Not in the short term. We expect that in the longer term, Realm Cloud will take advantage of MongoDB’s Atlas platform. This will provide improved scale, responsiveness and support for you.

Q. Does my contact for questions or issues change?
Your existing contacts will remain the same, including sales and support.

Q. Does my sales contact change?
Nothing changes.

Q. Will costs for the Realm data platform increase?
There are no immediate changes to your service plan. If changes are to occur, we will provide plenty of notice.

Q. Who do I reach out to if I have specific questions?
You may contact [email protected] for questions or follow up directly with your sales rep.