Page Not Found - IP Blocked


I am trying my best to search the forums for answers but I am getting greatly discouraged. Can someone confirm that they are also receiving Page Not Found when trying to go to these links? (Or any links in the forums)

Main Support:

Just about every link that I find in the forums is sending me to Page Not Found.

Thank you @Nosl for posting this post:

Support is still down for me as well but your post led me to freshdesk. I emailed Freshdesk directly to unblock my IP, I cleared Cache and Cookies, I still get “too many redirects” error and IP blocked again.

Mods: Please go to and scroll down until you see the button “See All FAQs” and select it. This is where I get my IP blocked and successfully duplicate this issue.

I am able to see the FAQs from @Nosl 's post leading me to:

My problems that I am having:
node-gyp errors, however, I cannot find recommended or tested versions to let me complete the react native ToDo app (the very first starter app suggested when a user downloads realm studio)

I also have a CSV file that I would like to import as it’s own realm for another project and I find this forum topic:

The comments suggest I read: (Page Not Found)

Please assist.


I am also getting the page not found errors. It’s not you. As a Realm user this is very worrying.


@Nosl check out this article:

Hopefully the move to mongo hasn’t disrupted realm too much. Fingers crossed.


Unconvinced by the marketing @TaylorDigital. We need to see stability before we resume migration of our customers to Realm.