Open an encrypted realm on OSX


I’ve searched a little bit and it seems that opening a encrypted realm file from Realm Studio is possible:

However, I do not see any option where I could give my encryption key to Realm Studio before opening the realm file…

I’m using Realm Studio 1.20.0 on OSX…

Where do I put the key?


I’m also having issues with this.

I’m using Realm Studio 1.21.0 (latest version) and when I attempt to open an encrypted .realm file I don’t get prompted for a password, I just get a message stating:

Unable to open a realm at path ‘/Users/liam.jones/Library/Developer/CoreSimulator/Devices/EE425B77-986B-4A33-89DB-B63284717960/data/Containers/Data/Application/B8FA5CDB-7F8C-437A-AAB5-D5B417CA7C78/Documents/default.realm’: Unsupported Realm file format version.


Still having this under Realm Studio 2.0.0.


When opening an encrypted Realm file Studio should ask for the encryption key like so:

If this is not happening, would it be possible for you to upload your Realm file and the encryption key that you would expect to work here (or using a service like WeTransfer) or in an email to [email protected]? Then I can use that figure out what might be going wrong.

// Kræn


I’ll email you the Realm file Kræn.



Realm Studio Version 3.5.0 still doesn’t ask me for a key on encrypted realm file.