Offline-First and Privacy


My app, which will feature offline-first, is going to store users’ related data in realm DB. As I understand the feature, each copy of the app will keep a local copy (cache) of the most frequently used data. This means there is a possibility for users to have other users’ data on their devices. And if one hack his own copy of the app, then he would be able to retrieve other users private data!

I’d like to know if my concerns are realistic, And if yes, then how can I restrict the cached data on users devices?

Thank you.


@tech You would restrict what users have access to which data by using our Permissions APIs


Thank you.

Does Realm cache data that has not been intentionally retrieved by the app? For example, suppose a client’s app always fetches data belonging to its user (client) only. Then, is there a chance Realm engine would fetch some extra data, which has not been previously fetched by any programmed inquiry, and keep it in the local cache?


@tech No it will not.