Objective-C Dynamic Realm



Is there any documentation for creating Realm with a dynamic schema with dynamic objects in objective-c?

The scenario is as follows:

  1. Developer uses javascript to communicate with the native layer using Cordova
  2. Developer “creates” a Realm object class with just the object class name as a string
  3. The native layer creates this object in the dynamic realm object schema
  4. Developer sends an json array of objects detailing the field names, types, indexes and primary keys
  5. Native later sets the object schema according to the array
  6. The created object schema is appended to the current object schema and persists in the .realm file
  7. Data can be inserted into the schema as realm objects and queried, updated, deleted etc.

This was accomplished on Android using DynamicRealm, RealmSchema and RealmObjectSchema schema manipulation, and DynamicRealmObject for the objects as detailed here: https://realm.io/docs/java/latest/#dynamic-realms

For objective-c (or swift), there’s no such documentation and all i can find are snippets on stack overflow and github which seem to be a little outdated.

Is there any info that can help me achieve the above steps?



Is there anything that can help me out with dynamic realm in objective-c?