Numerous unused directories created


Even with the simplest of boilerplate code, My Xcode iOS simulator gets 38 extra directories, each with multiple Documents, Library, SystemData and tmp folders therein, all substantially empty.

What is the purpose of these? Is it a simulator-only thing or does this also get established on the users actual device?


Please take no offense, but why is it matters? It’s not like the user will see them, right? Or am i missing something?


no offence taken. When a folder is created a certain amount of disk ( or equiv ) space is allocated. On a desktop that means little, even if it is a bad-mindset to have from a classical coding point of view. But with mobile I’ve been taught to not to waste a byte, nor a single processor instruction.

If its part of the realm design, to allocate these for other uses one may grow their app into then it’ a given, and there is nothing I can do about it. But I can find nothing in documentation.


Uhh, thats some super-alien level of optimalization.
Thanks for your answer :slight_smile:


The plot thickens :grin:
I’ve discovered they only get created when I delete the app and it’s derived data from the device.
Now to sleuth whether that’s a simulator bug or if its within the Realm realm