Need a Realm Sync Tutorial

Hello Realmers!

I am struggling with getting a working example of Realm Sync. I have an application using Realm on iOS working fine BUT when I try to work through the realm sync documentation, it fails in multiple ways I am unable to solve. The code is for iOS v9 (4 versions ago) and there are very few additional resources for it online. Can anyone recommend a tutorial in how to get Query based sync to actually work? My next step is to dump Realm and move the entire app to Firebase which I would rather not do but the documentation here is abysmal. Any assistance is appreciated.




I would agree the documentation is lackluster (outdated, inaccurate blah blah etc etc) in many cases. I know they are working to fix that. The Getting Started guide (now) has a working example project that you can build. Did you go through that guide? Realm Sync Docs

Otherwise, you may want to post a specific coding question on StackOverflow and see if we can help you resolve the issue.

Hi Jay - thx for responding. I did walk through it but it no longer functions in iOS 13. You can see its pieces of old and injections of new but overall doesn’t work. I really like Realm but there’s just no viable documentation on how it works. A bit difficult to use when the ‘figure it out’ method is all that on the table.

Its sad - I have an app for a client that needs data storage, interactivity and hosting. ugh…

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Maybe if you can include piece of code that isn’t working, we may be able to help. I am running Realm on both macOS and iOS and it’s still working with current OS’s.

Hi Jay - much appreciated. Having taken a week or so away, I have had a chance to think through the app architecture and there’s an interesting thread on the future of realm as it becomes part of the MongoDB universe (which I love!).

For the moment, I am going to configure the current product to use a REST API and realm on the device for the moment. Once Mongo releases their prod versions, I’ll entertain the transition then. For now, it doesn’t make sense.

Thanks again for the help! I’m looking forward to realms future!!