Native Android data saving don't refresh this from JS

Hi, I have a question. When I am saving something in my native Android code to Realm it isn’t visible when I will get it from React Native with JS. Only after restart application it is available and i can get it from Java Script code. Could anyone tell my why is so?

I’m experiencing the same issue. Our Android code is included as a NativeModule.
Both JS and Kotlin see the same default Realm but data added by the native module is not visible to the RN app until it is restarted.
Has anyone found a solution to this that doesn’t involve programmatically restarting the app every time data changes from native?
Worth noting, this issue doesn’t exist on iOS. Data is in sync all the time between RN and Native.

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Hi @mariano, I create a realm database on Js (react native). I can’t store data on the same database with background service (Android code in a NativeModule). Can you share your code? Thanks.