MSSQL Adapter Future

Currently in the documentation for MSSQL Data Connector the following message appears:
“Distribution of the MSSQL data connector package is currently paused. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

Does anyone know what this means?
What is the future of this adapter?
Is / will there be any possibility of synchronization between Realm x MSSQL?
If someone uses this adapter, show us your experience, it works well?

Due to current engineering/support availability we are not on-boarding new customers onto the Realm Data Connectors (but continue to support existing customers). We intend to offer a path to use Realm Sync in conjunction with SQL-based databases again before too long, but the form factor and support may differ from what we have offered in the past. Separate from the Data Connectors, we continue to support usage of the Adapter API, Event Handler, and Serverside SDK.