Manually created entries are not recognized



Dear Developers,

I have deleted some entries accidentally in ROS manually. These entries are foreign keys of other entries in other tables.

Fix Attempt 1:
1.I manually created these deleted entries manually.
2. And I assigned the foreign keys then back to the related entries in the other table.
Result: It should be fine but it is not. The newly created entries are not recognized.
My questions:

  • Is there a different between populate data via codes vs. via manually?
  • If there is a different, what is the “create new entry” button for?

Fix Attempt 2.

  1. I deleted the manually created entries with code.
  2. I populate the data again via codes
    Result: the deleted entries were not being created!

Please can you help me fix this problem: How can I populate my data entries back?

Thank you very much!