Is peer 2 peer possible when offline?

Hi! My team is looking into client side database solutions that have the ability to p2p offline. Specifically we build AR headsets and looking into a native app to be a companion. With iOS we’re looking at multi connectivity api and broadly webrtc data channel as offline transport between devices. Does realm currently support this or looking to soon?

Unfortunately not now or in the new future.

My question is; what’s the relationship between a Realm database and crafting an app that sends audio/video data over webrtc? i.e. if you host your own Realm - within say a LAN network - all clients within that network would have access to the Realm data. Likewise, if you are using Realm on a local device, there’s nothing preventing you from query’ing realm for data and then sending that data over webrtc to another peer.

I am just curious about the use case and how the two would be tied together.

@jay That was what I was thinking, it’s not the perfect world of not having to set up a LAN but it definitely seems feasible to do so and send the data over webrtc or another network protocol. I know couchbase offers behind their enterprise offering the ability to P2P with things like apple multi connectivity. For our company I think it’ll come down to the offline use cases of our clients.