"Instance health checks are failing"?

We’re considering using Realm and I’ve subscribed to the Realm Cloud Status feed.

Question: what exactly does it mean when a condition of “Realm Cloud Incident - Instance health checks are failing” occurs? Does this mean Realm Cloud is down? Or that some portions of it are down, meaning it’s down for some users but not others? Or does it mean something other than the above?

Thanks for any clarification.

We have automated health checks for each instance and when some of them are failing, we generate an automated incident report. A failing health check would indicate that an instance is not reachable for an unknown reason. One thing to note is that the system is prone to producing false negatives (i.e. marks an instance as unhealthy even though it is) during scheduled upgrades. We typically pause it during these maintenance windows, but I can see this was not the case the past couple of times.

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