IceCream helps you sync Realm Database with CloudKit

Hello everyone. After months of development, I made a framework that helps you sync Realm Database with CloudKit. (Without touching Realm Object Server.)

It is called IceCream.

It just works like magic! And more important, it has been open sourced now! The first day it has reached 2nd place on the GitHub Swift trending page.

GitHub link:

I wish more guys can join me and make IceCream much stronger. Also, I wonder if Realm Community could have a support on this project.

If you’re interested, you can directly email me : [email protected]. Or on twitter @caiyue5.

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This looks good. Nice job. Have you considered supporting Objective C?

May be but not now. I think Objective C is almost out-of-date. I will keep more concentration on Swift.

Thank you anyhow :slight_smile:

And since it is open-source, I wish if there are more guys can join me to build it stronger and support more features/languages.

I can help contribute some, but I also had some questions about using it in my app. I emailed you but I figured I should also post here Incase anyone else had these questions:

  • Is the code given In the “Read me” the only setup required for it to work?
  • How can we handle multiple objects in realm (EX: Person and Dog classes)
  • Does it handle all the logic for us? So, would we need to delete things out of CloudKit based off of date or does IceCream handle this for us?

Some suggestion to adding to the Github:

  • Add a video tutorial, not long, just showing install, setup, etc.

Thanks, this is an extremely helpful solution to using Realm’s solution!



Thanks for bring this brilliant framework to the community.

The only problem I am having is that the app must restart in order to show that the row (and object) was deleted from the tableView.

Does Ice Cream delete the object from the Realm file? I assume it does.