I want a divorce! (or how do I remove a relationship?)


Yet another noob question.

I’m working on a song writing app. I have a many to many relationship between Song and Lyric objects. If I decide that a lyric I have added to a song isn’t going to work, how do I remove that relationship? I don’t want to delete the lyric, just send it back to the general lyric pool.


The relation parameters are optional, right? So, you need to set it nil, and you are good to go.

And I want to 10% what you give your (soon to be) ex-wife :stuck_out_tongue:


What property do I need to set to nil? I tried:

lyrics[indexPath.row].song = nil

but that just gives me the error “‘nil’ cannot be assigned to type ‘LinkingObjects’”


The relations are stored in the parent object.

The LinkingObject is an inverse relationship property, you set it on the child and just store a reference to the parent. It’s not nullable.

[The parents decide the divorce, not the child :smile:]