I Can Select a Realm but 'Open' button will not open it. Button just stays depressed

I have an (Android) realm on the realm object server. It works ok - my app connects and uses the data.
However, when viewing the Realms on the server window, (The one with Realms Users Logs at the top)
I can select the realm but the Open button depresses and stays depressed with nothing happening.
Meaning, I can’t add any new classes or properties to the Realm.
Any ideas?
Locked up at the server end??


This sounds like a potential issue with Realm Studio, could I get you to create an issue on the Realm Studio GitHub repository? If possible I would like if you could record a video of this or perhaps share the server id (if you are using Realm Cloud?) and path of the Realm that you’re trying to open.


Thanks for the reply.
The realm is hosted on the realm cloud. It still works in terms of read/writes on the (one) realm.
The program has not been launched yet but need to access the realm very soon.
When you say share the serverId and Realm path - with whom do I share it?
I’m happy to give the info to you but I’m not sure about broadcasting it on the forum.

A solution would be to create a new realm and ignore the erroneous one.
Is there any way of cloning a realm - say for testing purposes??


Hi Kraen
I posted an issue on GitHub, with a couple of screenshots.

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