How To Use Realm Cloud Efficiently and Correctly?



I have a several apps that I want to cross-promote with each other. In order to that, I used store a realm file in Realm Cloud that contains information of my other apps like app id, name, and data.The data is small png image data of the app icon.

Currently, I’m logging in users by their nickname through using their device udid. Not sure if this right way if I just want users to be able to see the realm file if I update the information with a new app or something. The problem is that every time they open the app, the app would access the whole realm cloud which may cause more bandwidth usage. Is there a way for users to download the realm cloud files locally, and only access the new updated info from Realm Cloud file when I add new information?


This is how Realm actually works. The data stored in the cloud is downloaded to a local database and then only changes are synchronized.