How To Show Support To Realm Developers?


Hello everyone,
I’m new to Realm I just learned about it and how I can use it in my IOS app. In fact, instead of learning CoreData I skipped it and found Realm instead. It’s so easy and fast to add persistence to my apps now it’s the greatest thing ever. Anyhow my question is there any way I can donate to this platform just to show support and help out some? I’d like to make a donation to the realm team every now and then.

Any Information would be great Thanks,


Hi EliteXcoder

Thank you, we are glad you like Realm so much and we’re more than happy to accept any donation :pray:. Please email us at [email protected] to facilitate the details.


John -

Not sure if you were aware of it but Realm is a for profit corporation and they charge for their services - it’s not a free platform, just a free trial period.

If you choose to use Realm for any kind of cloud storage, they charge a minimum of $30 a month - even during a development cycle. You may want to consider changing your donation into payment of that monthly fee. You’ll likely get more milage out of it and will encourage Realm to continue refinement of that platform as it will pay for their excellent customer support.

See their pricing model here Realm Pricing



There is a $10/mo plan that I was on during development. There are tight limits but should be more than enough for development purposes.


Good to know! I use very very little data so $10 is a great price. I contacted sales and the only option they provided me was $30.

Can you point us to where that program is? I would like to switch over if possible.



I received this option last October and here’s a part of the email I received from Sales:

"The student/extended development license for Realm Cloud includes:

  • 20 Simultaneous Connections

  • 1 GB of Storage

  • 10GB of Bandwidth per month

  • up to 3 Instances

  • Non-production use only"

I hope this option is still available for you Jay!