How to report Realm Cloud operational issues

If you experience operational issues with your Realm Cloud instance please create a ticket at


The link no longer works @Realm

It works for me - it ultimately redirects to - what exactly are you seeing when you click it? Is it a timeout/404/something else?

Shows me a grey page with:

“We are sorry. This portal is not available at your location.
You have been restricted from accessing this helpdesk. Please try again later.”

I am not redirected. If I go to I get the same message.

Hm… maybe a misconfiguration on the freshdesk end. I’ll ping our support team.

The immediate suggestion from our support portal provider is to attempt from multiple browsers. In case it is an issue with our website service, please attempt at

Lastly can you email me your IP address at

Good morning, I know you all are in a big transition so I just want to make sure that tickets are still being handled. I realize that I am on the standard plan, but my instance is unusable right now. I have posted a ticket a few days ago and reached out through multiple channels with no reply. I am keeping the faith, just need some proof of life.

@adamrhass Thank you for your patience. I see that someone replied to your support ticket yesterday and that there has been ongoing discussion.